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Impossible to Insure? - No

Do you sell salvage title vehicles? Have you been told that you can’t get insurance? You can. We have a company that covers dealers that sell salvage title vehicles. Do you have an unfenced location? Have you been turned down? We can get it covered for you. Are you new in business? Have you been told that you need three years in business to get covered? That’s ridiculous. We can get you covered. Do you need an SR22 filing? Have you been told “No”? We can help. Have you been told that you can’t put your personal cars on your dealer policy? With some companies this may be true. We have companies that allow you to put your personal cars on your dealer policy helping you save a small fortune. Don’t take “No” for an answer.


I hope he had the right coverage and a sharp agent

Auto Rental Agency

Are you thinking about turning you unsold inventory into a profit center? Independent auto rental outlets have specialized insurance needs. Car dealer insurance alone does not cover everything a rental dealer needs. We have access to the coverage auto rental outlets need.

Bad Check

Nobody covers that… right? Sometimes. If you are given a check written on a closed account, or sell a car and identity fraud was used. There is coverage available. “False pretense / trick and device” is an option for exactly this. Coverage for this is actually very inexpensive.

Is there information here that your agent didn't tell you?      Did it cost you money?      We hope not.


Written by: Dave Hoffman